Transport of Greater Manchester







Larger project work, and the associated stakeholder engagement, warrants technology that aids the collaborative process and working together effectively to deliver the desired end result. This was certainly the case on the Metrolink extension project, where, in collaboration with TfGM and MPact Thales, it was necessary to work in a Common Data Environment (CDE) and towards a BIM Execution Plan (BEP); including Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie).



From initial meetings, our ambition on the project concerned achievement of BIM Level 2 and the use of a CDE as early as feasibly possible. Once engaged, we were fully committed to the procedures outlined by the client, in accordance with the British Standard; PAS 1192:2:2013.

As portrayed in the imagery right, we were allocated a shared space, visible to all project staff on the CDE, to house non-ambiguous information including; our GARD management forms, PDF published Traffic Management Plans, and supplementary 3D models.



GTM have gathered invaluable experience in working to a BEP on this project; successfully coordinating our models in line with project information models. When creating our designs, we fully appreciate the importance of geospatial co-ordination when denoting data associated with a particular location. An example of this can be found below through our construction of a native model.

The 3D Model was achieved using state-of-the-art optical survey GPS equipment with a subsequent AutoCAD model produced from additional survey data.



We utilised this generic data format to publish our assets, as opposed to geometric/geospatial, data as part of the BIM/BEP process. In essence, these non-ambiguous, transparent spreadsheets were created so that all parties could work towards an aligned way of thinking and execution. Our COBie spreadsheets pulled together a host of crucial information relevant to the works including:

  • Key Contacts
  • Capital Costs
  • Itemised materials pricing
  • Specification models
  • CAD models
  • Materials warranty
  • Manufacturer data



The project has been delivered ahead of time and on budget, and our relationship with both TfGM and MPT has expanded beyond the scope of our original contract. GTM’s achievements on the Metrolink works to date, reflect the success that using BIM can produce when collaborating with numerous stakeholders.