Go Traffic Management were instrumental in making the roads safe following a significant burst of a water main on the A57.

The water main burst caused huge disruption and safety concerns as the water flooded over the major road and impacted 20 of the roads surrounding it. Our teams jumped into action to deliver a swift and safe solution. The priority for Go Traffic Management was to ensure road users were kept safe and diversions led to as little disruption as possible whilst the work to fix the main was taking place.

Due to the sheer volume of the water and the location our teams worked with the local council and the fire and police emergency services. We collaborated to develop the best possible traffic management solution to meet the needs of those making the area safe, those fixing the issue and the members of the public to carry on with their day safely and with minimum disruption.

Our teams closed 20 roads, including the busy A57. We provided eight manned stations around the source of the disruption and brought in heavy equipment to assist tankers feeding water away from nearby properties. We put specialists in place to man the traffic as well as bringing in the latest equipment to cope with the demand and swift resolution required.

Following the initial safety set up, our teams delivered effective traffic management solutions for a three week period, changing diversions and optimising routes alongside the work taking place to fix the issue.

“The rapid on site response and skilled work needed to design a complicated road diversion by GTM  was crucial to the safety of these repairs. The collaboration efforts between their teams, councils and emergency services significantly minimised the disruption. Thank you to GTM” Client representative.